Field Report: Don’t Fight The Night

Todd V Field Reports, Strategy & Philosophy

I have a principle I apply often, which I call:  “Don’t fight the night”.

What this principle basically means is the more you can align yourself with the experience the girl (and her friends) are trying to have, the better you’ll end up doing in game.

Here are some examples:

Trying to pull a girl from a bachelorette party when they’ve just arrived at the club and she hasn’t fulfilled her obligation to the bachelorette = HARD… Pulling her at the end of the night when the whole party is scattered and the bride has gone home = EASY.Read the rest

Why You Plateau

Todd V General, Strategy & Philosophy

If you didn’t think I was nerdy before…

The other day I went to check out my YouTube channel and my suggested videos recommended something called “Evolution Simulator”. I was hooked. Just for fun, watch it here

The concept is actually quite brilliant. A programmer generated random connected shapes (“creatures”) with characteristics (“muscles and connectors”) that created movement, then he simulated what they did over a 15 second time period.Read the rest

Why “Comfort” Is Bullshit

Todd V Strategy & Philosophy

From time immemorial (or at least 2002), it’s been gospel in game that there is an “attraction phase” and then a “comfort phase”. The early models of cold approach I learned contained this progression, and I took it as gospel, much as you may have. I accepted the assumption that it’s good for her to feel comfortable with you.

And it makes sense.Read the rest

I wish I had your approach anxiety

Todd V Inner Game, Strategy & Philosophy

As crazy as this may sound, I wish I still had  approach anxiety.

I still remember starting out in game nearly 18 years ago. Each time I did an approach my heart would beat a bit faster, time would slow down, and my head would swirl with a whirlwind of thoughts and possibilities… each approach was a little scar… I mean EXCITING.… Read the rest