Be Glad Game Is Hard

Todd V Inner Game, Strategy & Philosophy

Ah the dreaded R word: Rejection.

Students are constantly asking me if I still get rejected?

The answer is that I do, but generally not in the way you think.

Whenever I get a phone number rather than a pull, I consider that a rejection. When a girl’s friends show up out of nowhere and she chooses them over me, I consider that a rejection.Read the rest

Why Successful, Good-Looking Guys Suck at Learning Game

Todd V Inner Game, Strategy & Philosophy, Student Insights

It happens each and every program I teach.

It’s unavoidable.

The students arrive and I immediately judge them (it’s human nature, and part of being a good coach).

This guy has awful style, another guy smiles like he’s always looking for approval, the third guy is trying way too hard to be alpha.

Then we almost always get that one guy who shows up and you just assume he’s gonna crush it.Read the rest

How To Grow – Better To Focus On Weaknesses Or Strengths?

Todd V Strategy & Philosophy

I wanted to share with you a quick thought I had on both game and on life. Sort of a model I have for the world, and specifically an answer to the questions: “What creates success?” and “What is the proper way to learn?”

There are really two schools of thought on the matter.

  1. Work on Your Weaknesses

This is the traditional method, the one you’re taught in school.… Read the rest

My First Cold Approach Success

Todd V Field Reports

From the age of about 10 or 11 years old, I knew I wanted to be successful with women I admired. And from about the same age, I was a huge pussy about approaching. In another, possibly comical, article, perhaps I’ll recount some of my more embarrassing moments of making excuses and backing out during my teenage years, but today I want to talk about my first success.… Read the rest