What Hard-Case Newbies Don’t Want to Hear

by | Jul 3, 2022

I’m in the business of telling people what they need (not what they want) to hear.

As a dating coach, I’ve seen tons of beginners go from inexperienced virgins to wildly successful alpha males.

Every so often there comes the student who calls himself a “hard-case newbie.”

And to his dismay, I dish him the truth.

It’s for his own good and long-term growth.

Stop feeding negative thoughts into your brain. They will influence your behaviors and reinforce all that negativity.

Get yourself into a positive feedback loop.

Take the right action, see results, be proud of the results, and ultimately change your identity into that of a strong, confident man who can conquer his goals.

Learn real self-improvement

Build the proper foundation to become universally attractive and undeniably confident.

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