Welcome to Toddvdating.com!

Now this isn’t just my new site. Although yes there’s info about me, my coaching programs, and updates about what I’ve got going on, I want Toddvdating.com to be so much more.

I first learned game in the early 2000’s, an era of online infancy, 56k modems, AOL and secret internet forums that you didn’t even know existed until you were invited. A time before infield video and self-help social media gurus. At that time the pickup community was a true community of people sharing and exchanging ideas in WRITTEN FORM. (If you wanted to learn game from someone, you couldn’t just download a video, you had to actually MEET them.)

I miss those days.

Partially because the community was still figuring things out and hadn’t devolved into dogmatic cult-like ideology, but also because, well…some ideas are better conveyed through writing.

Back in those days, a high-quality post could completely change your outlook on game in 500 words or less. (Instead of today’s phenomenon of 3-hour self-help videos with zero practical concepts.)

Over the past few years, the number of high-quality men’s dating articles WRITTEN BY PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT has dwindled, as there hasn’t been a reliable go-to source for really good field-tested content.

And that’s what I want Toddvdating.com to be. Your go-to place for high quality men’s lifestyle and dating information.

Practical, well-written, information that’s based on real-world experience.

There’s about four decades’ worth of game experience between me and my coaches (who will be heavily contributing as well). We’ve done tens of thousands of approaches, had massive success with women all over the world, and most importantly, have taught thousands of students. Which makes a massive difference.

So, I’m pretty damn excited.

There’s a ton of awesome content coming your way, especially this coming month. Hope you dig it.


PS If you’ve navigated the site a bit, you’ll have noticed it’s also a great way to keep tabs on where I am and when I may be coming to your city or available for coaching. More on that in the coming days as well!