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Week 6 July 18

Date: 07/18/23

(0:14) Topic

(2:37) Hey, can I get my hinge profile reviewed?

(3:11) If I live outside the main city, like a different city, which is an hour away, it’s a big ass to get a girl who’s never met me to come an hour to me. So what to do then? One, if she lives with roommates and two, if she lives with parents, and three if she lives by herself.

(6:08) Is Hinge Plus or Hinge X necessary or Super Boost in buying roses for standouts is fine as explained in your videos?

(9:27) Can you put numbers on logistics? How close is a bar that’s close to your place? If you have a car, how long of a car drive is a decent time? What about pulling to a car instead of a home or a hotel?

(15:40) Would you prioritize time over location? I.e. if it’s Monday and she offers to meet Wednesday in her city or Friday in your city, which should you take for reference? Both cities are like 30 minutes apart by car.

(17:05) I’m okay sleeping with girls that drink and smoke, but I don’t wanna date girls that do. How do I convey that?

(20:48) She isn’t in the country yet. How to keep it interesting until then, not sticking around and she might forget on the one hand and being too present on the other might be too much.

(22:56) How do you react if she wants to end the date? Is it completely game over?

(27:00) What if I live 15 minutes drive away from bars, how to get girls to get in an Uber with you, what to say?

(30:55) You tell great stories in your infields that convey things like ambition, value, comfort, willing to burn bridges and make the world better, not following the crowd, then bring it back to your character and how dating you would be. Do you have a general structure or elements you like to fit into a story?

(38:56) Are there any benefits and values in the passport feature on dating apps like on Tinder?

(40:57) How would you react if you had a great ping pong with a girl and then you asked for the date and then she only answers like seven to 10 days later, proceed as normal?

(42:21) How much weight should we put into a girl who states minimal height requirement or by, I swipe left if you’re under six feet, please be over five foot four, et cetera.

(44:14) Could you briefly explain what it actually means for a girl to be in the top pick section on dating apps? If the strategy changed at all in order to get a girl from these sections due to her likely having even more matches and more distractions than most girls who are not in the top picks section.

(46:47) How should you arrange questions and statements? Are two questions in a row too much, for example, if she doesn’t ask any in return? Should you throw in statements only then? I guess the statements will have to be very enticing then also because she’ll also not continue
the conversation question mark. Related to this, what is a good relations between question and
statements between her and me? Should I always move things forward with a question when she asked a question? Likewise, if she only gives statements slash answer, should I switch from
a question to statements myself?

(49:52) Been doing its online game since I was in high school. At professional photos, even edited two different bios, sets of openers. Can I set a call personally with you to go over it?

(52:35 ) I’m in university, live about 15 to 20 minute walk from the campus, which I guess is like a park. Any logistics tips? I have a small dive bar, five minutes walk from my place. The bars andclubs downtown are about 15 minutes drive away. Like say there’s a cozy little pub near campus and then I have an Uber that’s 15 minutes.
(58:06) Do I know of any autoswiper for the dating apps? Do you recommend the autoswiper?

(59:03) What kind of your number close the current girls that stop messaging me online? Please give me examples. Here’s what I send in Dear Diary, Cute Girl Vanish. Should I send
a search party? We’re getting a divorce. I’m going to put a picture of you on the back of Mel Carton’s report you were missing.

(1:01:08) So every now and then I’ll match with a bot. What can I do to spot a bot if
she asks for my number after a few messages.

(1:02:25) So as messaging Sarah, okay Didn’t need to know the name but fair enough and we’re supposed to do a video call and then she tells me she’s not interested In me because I have a tattoo What can I message her to turn this around?

(1:06:05) What do you think of some of the options like speed dating on Bumble or the vibing thing on Tinder?

(1:07:06) So I went out with Sophiab twice, And she told me that she doesn’t want me to touch her and kiss her because we just met. Sophia also told me that I should get my background checked to go to her house. What should I do?

(1:08:37) What’s the best and fastest way to write a field report? I take forever to write one because I try to include everything I did.
(1:11:38) Does deleting and reinstalling the app lower your score and visibility to hotter girls?

(1:12:45) On the first date, it started off well, but she killed my vibe because she asked me a few times if I know a bus driver that can kill her cousin. She was also on her phone a lot. I politely told her to get off it and she didn’t. Also at the end of the first date, she got cold approached by a random dude that asked her out on the spot. She ignored him and walked towards me instead. I don’t care about losing her. What do you think I should do?

(1:13:36) What settings and filters should I use on Bumble, Facebook, and OKCupid to get more matches?

(1:14:51) There’s a whole weird string of characters at the start of this, but I’m just going to read whatever. So I’m having issues getting a honey on a date. Long story short, Monday had a conversation over the phone. Let’s call her Debbie. We both agreed to hang out on Wednesday at 7 p.m. and I’m also going to pick her up. Okay, so on Wednesday around three or four, I texted Debbie saying, looking forward to seeing you soon. I always confirm the date one to three hours before the date and I’ve never had any issues. My question would be if you left it silent for a few days before this confirmation because that could be a problem. Debbie tells me that because I didn’t confirm the date with her on Tuesday, which is the day before the date, she canceled the date and made other plans. In my mind, I’m like, what the fuck, you gotta be kidding me. Now she doesn’t want to apply back. Even after I faked it, apologize to her. Please read the text messages and tell me what to do next. Also, she says she’s high maintenance. Does that mean she’s a gold digger? Also, can I post on the site actual name of the target and messages that are sent and received?

(1:17:18) You told in one of the earliest calls that you sometimes still hit up really old matches. What do you send them? And do you have any conversation reigniters? I used to love the Dear Diary one.

(1:18:29) Tips on how you approach a 20 year old versus a 23 year old. Do you typically frame the situation differently? Also, my go-to date is usually drinks. Any other good date ideas for those who can’t or don’t drink?

(1:20:18) After I get a girl’s number, I always try to do a phone call. A lot of the times, they don’t want to talk over the phone because we just met, so it’s too soon. What should I do? I try to make a phone call to avoid the girl flaking on me.

(1:20:51) I’m not talking about live meetup. It’s a pop-up on Bumble. It gives you a short time to meet people between six or seven. I’m usually busy and click past it.

(1:22:01) This relates to the conversation on the app. Sometimes I have the impression that I cannot move the conversation forward without asking a question because the girl gives so little to work with in her response after my statement. But then there’s also silence after the question, how to solve this.
(1:23:22) Any canned messages or formats you use for those profiles that don’t have much information like prompts or a variety of picks to work off of. I feel like the old, your adorable fingers crossed that you’re not crazy wouldn’t work as well with nines and tens.

(1:25:39) So I’m part of Todd’s mentorship group and I posted questions, are the coaches ever gonna reply back?

(1:26:54) Leveling question. On dates, I do a lot of physical escalation. Is that mostly an intermediate thing? How could I be physical and escalate in an advanced way?

(1:28:26) What’s a potential follow-up to the World Wind romance opener? She responds that she only wants the romance part and not the divorce.

(1:29:38) This is a little off topic, but I feel like it generally applies in terms of going on so many dates. What do you tell yourself about open relationships and multiple girlfriends? How do you think about it? I think about the girl who likes me so much that she agrees to it, but deep down she doesn’t really want it.

(1:30:32) If you don’t have your own place, what tips would you have when trying to pull to the girls place? Would you have a certain polling sequence? I just make sure the date is closer to where they live than where I live. But could you some help to smooth it out?

(1:33:40) I posted a story about a meme that said, “‘Come on a few quickies won’t ruin our friendship.'” And this gorgeous girl has been watching my stories consistently for a month posting that said, “The type of friend I am, but I got none”. Okay. This is obviously a way to get my attention and get me to message her. I opened her, but sarcasm, right? Seems like we’re in the same boat.

(1:35:59) Got seven matches with five boosts on Tinder, is that good?

(1:36:26) Sometimes I’m having the impression. I’m getting false positives if my first message on the app is very witty, and she reacts to the message, but then the follow-up for example me asking a question gets silent. I’m getting the impression that she only reacts to the message and not to me as a person or my persona my personality how to solve this

(1:37:23) So one of the biggest sticking points after I number close a girl online is getting her to talk on the phone. In this case, I’m talking about Rosie. So I have to call, ask Rosie when she’s available. And when she replies back, she says anytime and whatever. When it comes time to actually confirming a time, she plays stupid. Like on Friday, I ask if she’s available to talk for a little bit on my way to work. She didn’t reply back till after I got to work and I couldn’t talk anymore. Yesterday around 3 p.m., I asked if she’s available to talk at four. She read my message, didn’t reply back saying yes or no. Getting a little frustrated.

(1:39:09) If I suspect that the girl is fat after FaceTiming, how can I ask her to send me a picture of her entire body?

(1:42:28) Tips for pulling to my car

(1:45:03) I got 21 matches in four weeks, but only four matches. Most of them ugly. Could it be that I just don’t see some attractive girls or it’s more likely that I only attract ugly girls I swipe every day?

(1:45:51) You mentioned that AI will be in the course in one of the videos you advertise in the course. Did I miss something? I’ll be covering in the next few weeks. Is it AI airbrush?

(1:46:23) What can I write down on my cheat sheet to create value on a date? I tend to run out of things to say.

(1:46:41) Instead of pulling to the car in that scenario, should I try for a second date instead?

(1:47:03) Is there a way to work around the point of no return? I went on a hinge date. It was going incredibly well, but there were obstacles in the way when pulling to hers or mine. We made out a lot at the patio of the bar we were at, and eventually we went to her car and did everything except penetration. She didn’t want to have sex on the first date because she thought I would judge her as a hoe. And she said I don’t want you to get the wrong impression. I want to, but not today. We’re both still comfortable, continue with things, fingers, she gives me head. As we continue the frame changed to her begging for sex and me being the one denying it. Not sure if that’s a good way to go about it, or should I just not go that far on the dates? We still talk and have plans for another date this week.

(1:48:18) Closing

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